For years Sabrina Lloyd was studying to become a doctor. Her whole upbringing was with this goal in mind. Her parents had a medical background and while most kids were watching cartoons, Sabrina was reading Chemistry textbooks. Since she was 12 years old she was volunteering in Hospitals, special care units, Cancer treatment centers with the aim of one thing…to become a Doctor of Medicine.

After graduating University, that path got jolted. She was hoping to attend a Medical School in New Jersey but needed to make money. Unable to pay the bills, she put in her resume for some sales jobs and got recruited by a Life Insurance company.

14 years later, she lives on an estate in one of the most prestigious areas in Illinois. Sabrina literally went from sleeping on the floor to living in a mansion. From having a little car to get around in, to having a car collection that is out of this world, including:

Ferrari 458
Ferrari FF
Lamborghini Huracan
Porsche Turbo 2007
Porsche Turbo 1996
Porsche GT3 RS Red
Porsche GT3 RS Black
Porsche GT3 RS Orange
Porsche GT3 RS MANUAL***one of one in the WORLD
Porsche GT3 RS Green
Mercedes G Wagon

Today, Sabrina teaches women how to build a WARRIOR Mindset in their business and leads a world class organization. Her agency LLOYD was awarded “Best Place to Work” by the Chicago Business Journal and received an Honorable Mention for Enterprising Women of the Year. Having created multiple businesses from scratch to million-dollar organizations, Sabrina is a top business and sales leader in the world in the insurance space.